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Time Control!!!

Time Managment Tips

*Time Managment is a MYTH!

There are only 24 hours in one day and that will never change, self managment is really what we need

*Wasting Time!

Try to pin point where you think you waste time and make a conscience desicion to limit it. If your not sure where then keep a log of daily activities for a few days and be sure to fill in the start and end times of those activites. later you can go back and see what is needed to do.

*Set a Goal!

Only allow yourself a set amount of time to do something and stick to it, setting limits is very helpful.


Whats more important? Dah.... do that first, rather than the more prefered activity.


I know...Iknow... it's so hard, but just because others dont do things the way you like to do them does not mean they cant do it at all. Heck something is better than nothing right? somtimes they may even like it(lol).


Use what you've got,computer programs, daytimer, dry erase board, paper and pen for goodness sakes. by writing it down and seeing a visual diplay of what you need to do will help keep you on task and less forgetful.

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