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Home Organization

I love this class more than life its self

Daily Tasks

All tasks for the Den/Family Room, Other Room (office, craft room, extra bedroom, etc.) & Powder Room

_ clean any counters

_ clean the windows and mirrors if you don't do this in your weekly cleaning

_ polish furniture, including table and chair legs

_ vacuum under and behind furniture; remove cushions and vacuum under them

_ wipe down or vacuum the blinds/curtains

_ straighten and dust the bookshelves

_ clean the cobwebs and bugs from light fixtures

_ organize and cull books

_ clean the trashcans inside and out

_ clean the windowsills

_ clean the switchplates and outlet covers

_ clean the baseboards

_ mop the hard floor if you don't do it in your weekly cleaning

_ dust the knick knacks (and this is a good time to weed through and get rid of the ones you don't absolutely love!)

_ declutter and straighten one drawer

_ declutter and straighten one cupboard/cabinet

_ wipe the fingerprints off of the walls

_ organize and cull magazines (donate old ones to a waiting room somewhere)

_ inventory office supplies and replace stamps, paper, envelopes, and printer ink if necessary

_ police pens and pencils, trash pencils with no erasers and pens out of ink, and sharpen remaining pencils

_ clean all of the phones in the house

_ clean out under the powder room cabinet

_ wipe down the cabinets

_ police your desk - declutter, trash as necessary, organize

_ police your files - declutter, trash as necessary, shred old papers

_ wash all small area rugs in the house

_ organize and cull videos and books

_ inventory shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razor refills, deoderant, and other toiletries and restock as needed

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