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Noah's Ark is the vessel which, according to the bible, was built by Noah at God's command to save himself, his family, and the world's animals from a worldwide flood. God felt that the flood would destroy everything and if noah built a large ship to fit 2 of everything that the populations would survive.

Poor Noah! He has animals left on his ark after a big flood. Noah can't rest until all the animals are back in their homes, but he's lost all his notes that tell him where each animal lives. What can he do? Can you help Noah find a good home for each of the animals left on his ark?

PA Department of Education

Big Idea :Different characteristics of plants and animals help some populations survive and reproduce in greater numbers.

Essential Questions :How does the variation among individuals affect their survival?

Concept :Individuals of the same kind differ in their characteristics, and sometimes the differences give individuals an advantage in surviving and reproducing. creating a population with survival and reproductive advantages.

Competencie :Measure, describe, or classify organisms, objects and/or materials by basic characteristics, their changes, and their uses.

Standards :S4.A.1.3.1, S4.A.1.3.2, S4.A.1.3.3, S4.C.1.1.2

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